The Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference
20-24 May 2003, Budapest, HUNGARY

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A LOM Research Agenda

Erik Duval, Wayne Hodgins

ED-1: Exchange of Learning Objects

Elena: A Mediation Infrastructure for Educational Services

Bernd Simon, Zoltan Miklos, Wolfgang Nejdl, Michael Sintek, Joaquin Salvachua

ED-1: Exchange of Learning Objects

Experience With Teaching and Learning in Cooperative Knowledge Areas

Thorsten Hampel, Reinhard Keil-Slawik

ED-2: Experience

Goal Specificity and Learning from Educational Hypertext

Angela Brunstein, Josef F. Krems

ED-2: Experience

Asynchronous Dialogue in Education: towards an understanding of the nature of interactions

Melissa Lee Price, Andy Lapham

ED-2: Experience

Integrating Adaptive Hypermedia Techniques and Open RDF-based Environments

Peter Dolog, Rita Gavriloaie, Wolfgang Nejdl, Jan Brase

ED-4: Adaptation and Context

LAOS: Layered WWW AHS Authoring Model with Algebraic Operators

Alexandra I. Cristea, Arnout de Mooij

ED-4: Adaptation and Context

A Context-Based Information Agent for Supporting Intelligent Distance Learning Environments

Mohammed A. Razek, Claude Frasson, Marc Kaltenbach

ED-4: Adaptation and Context

The LEBONED Metadata Architecture

Frank Oldenettel, Michael Malachinski

ED-5: Data/Metadata

A Data Model and its Implementation for a Language Learning System

Johann Gamper, Judith Knapp

ED-5: Data/Metadata

The Failure of The European IT Standards Strategy

Greg FitzPatrick

GC-1: Is the Web Globally Inclusive?

The Web of People: A dual view on the WWW

Michel Plu, Pascal Bellec, Layda Agosto, Walter Van De Velde

GC-1: Is the Web Globally Inclusive?

From Individuals to the Global Community: the Hidden Contradiction of the Cultural History of Classification and the latest browsing technologies

László Z. Karvalics

GC-1: Is the Web Globally Inclusive?

Acting Accessibility: Scenario-based consideration of Web content accessibility for development and publishing communities

Liddy Nevile, Oliver Burmeister

GC-2: The Web from a Galactic Perspective

How do search engines handle non-English queries? - A case study

Judit Bar-Ilan, Tatyana Gutman

GC-2: The Web from a Galactic Perspective

Implementing XML Schema inside a relational database

Sandeepan Banerjee

ID-1: XML --- Standards and Applications

An Ontology-based Knowledge Management System for the Metal Industry

Sheng-Tun Li, Huang-Chih Hsieh, I-Wei Sun

ID-2: Emerging Standards

Accelerating Standards Adoption: A Vendor's Perspective on Contributing to Open Standards and Open Source

Luc Chamberland, Elena Litani

ID-2: Emerging Standards

System Integration and Re-engineering Using XML/Web Services

Dr. Michael J. Hu

ID-3: Web Service and Mobile Applications

Mobile Content Transformation using XSLT and its Evaluation

Hideharu Suzuki, Norihiro Ishikawa, Hidetoshi Ueno, Tetsuya Gotoh

ID-3: Web Service and Mobile Applications

Applying the Semantic Web Vision to Enterprise Data Management: A Case Study

Dr. Zvi Schreiber

ID-4: Future Perspectives

An Effective Complete-Web Recommender System

Tingshao Zhu, Russ Greiner, Gerald Haeubl

PE-1: Applications

KAON SERVER - A Semantic Web Management System

Raphael Volz, Daniel Oberle, Steffen Staab, Boris Motik

PE-1: Applications

Supporting Cooperative Activities with Shared Hypermedia Workspaces on the WWW

Jessica Rubart, Weigang Wang, Joerg M. Haake

PE-1: Applications

Efficient Cluster Representation in Similar Document Search

Shankaran Sitarama, Uma Mahadevan, Mani Abrol

PE-2: Infrastructure

A Database Wrapper Mechanism for Server-Side HTML-Embedded Scripting

William J. McIver, Jr. University at Albany

PE-2: Infrastructure

Scalability of content-aware switches for cluster-based Web information systems

Mauro Andreolini, Michele Colajanni, Marcello Nuccio

PE-2: Infrastructure

Acceleration of Web Service Workflow Execution through Edge Computing

Junichi Tatemura, Wang-Pin Hsiung, Wen-Syan Li

WS-1: Collaboration, Composition, and Workflow

Service Chart Diagrams - Description & Application

Z. Maamar, B. Benatallah, and W. Mansoor

WS-1: Collaboration, Composition, and Workflow

Service-Oriented Composition in BPEL4WS

Rania Khalaf, Nirmal Mukhi, Sanjiva Weerawarana

WS-1: Collaboration, Composition, and Workflow

TSpaces Services Suite: Automating the Development and Management of Web Services

Marcus Fontoura, Toby Lehnman, Dwayne Nelson, Thomas Truong, Yuhong Xiong

WS-2: Web Services Management

WTM: A Traffic Monitoring Framework for Web Service Transactions

Jinsong Ouyang, Wenjing Chu, Praveen Savur

WS-2: Web Services Management

WS-Membership - Failure Management in a Web-Services World

Werner Vogels, Chris Re

WS-2: Web Services Management

Towards Personalized Selection of Web Services

Wolf-Tilo Balke, Matthias Wagner

WS-3:Discovery and Semantics

Delivering Semantic Web Services

Massimo Paolucci, Katia Sycara, Takahiro Kawamura

WS-3:Discovery and Semantics

Web Services Oriented Data Processing and Integration

David W. Cheung, Eric Lo, Chi-Yuen Ng, Thomas Lee

WS-4: Performance and Efficiency

Evaluating SOAP for High Performance Business Applications: Real-Time Trading Systems

Christopher Kohlhoff, Robert Steele

WS-4: Performance and Efficiency