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Recommender systems are a powerful new technology for extracting additional value for a business from its user databases. These systems help users find items they want to buy from a business. Recommender systems benefit users by enabling them to find items they like. Conversely, they help the business by generating more sales. Recommender systems are rapidly becoming a crucial tool in E-commerce on the Web. Recommender systems are being stressed by the huge volume of user data in existing corporate databases, and will be stressed even more by the increasing volume of user data available on the Web. New technologies are needed that can dramatically improve the scalability of recommender systems.

In this paper we presented and experimentally evaluated a new algorithm for CF-based recommender systems. Our results show that item-based techniques hold the promise of allowing CF-based algorithms to scale to large data sets and at the same time produce high-quality recommendations.

Badrul M. Sarwar