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Track: Web Engineering -- Web Service Composition

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Extending the Compatibility Notion for Abstract WS-BPEL Processes


WS-BPEL defines a standard for executable processes. Executable processes are business processes which can be automated through an IT infrastructure. The WS-BPEL specification also introduces the concept of abstract processes: In contrast to their executable siblings, abstract processes are not executable and can have parts where business logic is disguised. Nevertheless, the WS-BPEL specification introduces a notion of compatibility between such an under-specified abstract process and a fully specified executable one. Basically, this compatibility notion defines a set of syntactical rules that can be augmented or restricted by profiles. So far, there exist two of such profiles: the Abstract Process Profile for Observable Behavior and the Abstract Process Profile for Templates. None of these profiles defines a concept of behavioral equivalence. Therefore, both profiles are too strict with respect to the rules they impose when deciding whether an executable process is compatible to an abstract one. In this paper, we propose a novel profile that extends the existing Abstract Process Profile for Observable Behavior by defining a behavioral relationship. We also show that our novel profile allows for more flexibility when deciding whether an executable and an abstract process are compatible.

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