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Track: Web Engineering -- Web Service Deployment

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Non-Intrusive Monitoring and Service Adaptation for WS-BPEL


Web service processes currently lack monitoring and dynamic (runtime) adaptation mechanisms. In highly dynamic processes, services frequently need to be exchanged due to a variety of reasons. In this paper we present VieDAME, a system which allows monitoring of BPEL processes according to Quality of Service (QoS) attributes and replacement of existing partner services based on various (pluggable) replacement strategies. The chosen replacement services can be syntactically or semantically equivalent to the BPEL interface. Services can be automatically replaced during runtime without any downtime of the overall system. We implemented our solution with an aspect-oriented approach by intercepting SOAP messages and allow services to be exchanged during runtime with little performance penalty costs, as shown in our experiments, thereby making our approach suitable for high-availability BPEL environments.

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