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Track: Data Mining: Modeling

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Topic Modeling with Network Regularization


In this paper, we formally define the problem of topic modeling with network structure (TMN). We propose a novel solution to this problem, which regularizes a statistical topic model with a harmonic regularizer based on a graph structure in the data. The proposed method bridges topic modeling and social network analysis, which leverages the power of both statistical topic models and discrete regularization. The output of this model well summarizes topics in text, maps a topic on the network, and discovers topical communities. With concrete selection of a topic model and a graph-based regularizer, our model can be applied to text mining problems such as author-topic analysis, community discovery, and spatial text mining. Empirical experiments on two different genres of data show that our approach is effective, which improves text-oriented methods as well as network-oriented methods. The proposed model is general; it can be applied to any text collections with a mixture of topics and an associated network structure.

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