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Track: Web Engineering -- Web Service Composition

Paper Title:
Wishful Search: Interactive Composition of Data Mashups


With the emergence of Yahoo Pipes and several similar ser- vices, data mashup tools have started to gain interest of business users. Making these tools simple and accessible to users with no or little programming experience has become a pressing issue. In this paper we introduce MARIO (Mashup Automation with Runtime Orchestration and Invocation), a new tool that radically simplifies data mashup composi- tion. We have developed an intelligent automatic composi- tion engine in MARIO together with a simple user interface using an intuitive "wishful search" abstraction. It thus al- lows users to explore the space of potentially composable data mashups and preview composition results as they iter- atively refine their "wishes", i.e. mashup composition goals. It also lets users discover and make use of system capabil- ities without having to understand the capabilities of indi- vidual components, and instantly reflects changes made to the components by presenting an aggregate view of changed capabilities of the entire system. We describe our experi- ence with using MARIO to compose flows of Yahoo Pipes components.

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