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Extracting XML Schema from Multiple Implicit XML Documents Based on Inductive Reasoning


We propose a method of classifying XML documents and extracting XML schema from XML by inductive inference based on constraint logic programming. The goal of this work is to type a large collection of XML approximately but efficiently. This can also process XML code written in a different schema or even code which is schema-less. Our approach is intended to achieve identification based on the syntax and semantics of the XML documents by information extraction using ontology, and to support retrieval and data management. Our approach has three steps. The first step is XML to predicates, the second step is to compare predicates and classifies structures which represent similar meanings in different structures , and the last step is predicates to rules by using ontology and to maintain XML Schema. We evaluate similarity of data type and data range by using an ontology dictionary, and XML Schema is made from results of second and last step.

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