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Fast Algorithms for Top-k Personalized PageRank Queries


In entity-relation (ER) graphs (V,E), nodes V represent typed entities and edges E represent typed relations. For dynamic personalized PageRank queries, nodes are ranked by their steady-state probabilities obtained using the standard random surfer model. In this work, we propose a framework to answer top-k graph conductance queries. Our top-k ranking technique leads to a 4X speedup, and overall, our system executes queries 200-1600X faster than whole-graph PageRank. Some queries might contain hard predicates i.e. predicates that must be satisfied by the answer nodes. E.g. we may seek authoritative papers on public key cryptography, but only those written during 1997. We extend our system to handle hard predicates. Our system achieves these substantial query speedups while consuming only 10-20% of the space taken by a regular text index.

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