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Submissions - Camera-Ready Instructions for WWW2008 Authors

1. Electronic Submission

Your paper will be submitted electronically to Sheridan Printing, which is ACM's contracted publisher for WWW conferences. You will receive an email message from Sheridan with detailed information on how to prepare and submit your paper.

In addition to the source and PDF files, you are also strongly encouraged to submit an XHTML version of your paper. Although it is not mandatory, the XHTML format would enable IW3C2 to present the content on a wider scale of devices, including mobile devices, making it easier to read the text on screen (many people prefer reading texts via a browser rather than the PDF player), and making it more easily accessible to people with various disabilities.

2. Due Dates

Please note that revised versions of refereed full papers including both research track and alternate tracks are due to Sheridan Printing by February 25, 2008.

3. Formatting and Submission Instructions

Full & Alternate Track Papers:
Please see the instructions from Sheridan Printing at

Posters, Panels, Invited Talks & Workshop Summaries:
Please see the instructions from Sheridan Printing at


In addition to preparing your camera-ready PDF for Sheridan Printing, this year we encourage you to also prepare an XHTML version of your paper. Please see the information on preparing XHTML papers.

Please use the same name for your main/opening HTML page as your source/print file, except use .html as the file name extension, and zip all the resulting files (HTML and images) together into one file for uploading.

5. Common Problems

To make the proceedings look as professional as possible, Sheridan Printing will do copy-editing on your paper, as required. Common problems that will require changes on your part include:

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by getting these right the first time!

Email contact: info at

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