Cloud Security – Developers' Desiderata
SPEAKER Dr. Srinivas Padmanabhuni is a principal research scientist at SETLabs, the R and D arm of Infosys technologies.  He leads the Software Engineering research in SETLabs. His deep research interests include Service Architectures, Predictive Software Maintenance, and Cloud Computing. He has a granted patent, and several filed patent applications in these areas. He is the chairperson of ACM bangalore chapter and a founding member of ACM India council. He has given several invited talks at conferences and industry summits. He has authored a book in area of Distributed Systems security by Wiley press, and written over 60 international conference and journal publications.
Srinivas Padmanabhuni,
Principal Research Scientist,
Talk Outline: Security  is a crucial non functional requirement to be considered when developers consume cloud applications, or offer applications over a cloud. The crucial security desiderata developers need to be aware of include those needed to counter typical distributed systems security threats carried over to Cloud, as well as newer challenges  posed by the Cloud phenomenon. In doing so upcoming innovative solutions from areas of SOA Security, and  REST API security need to be applied while developing and consuming cloud applications, typically as "Services". We will explore typical frameworks available to work with SOA and REST APIs for Cloud, and illustrate relevant security solutions as applicable. A relevant key consideration of User Centric Identity Management,  which is occupying centre stage in Cloud services, will be explored in detail with examples from usage of open ID and similar federated identity platforms. We will sum it up with a 360 degree view of Cloud Security along with  recent recommendations from standards bodies like Cloud Security Alliance.
The attendees can take away a broad understanding of security issues, and solutions when consuming and developing Cloud Services