Cloud Computing -Different  Cloud Models and Programming to them

Dr. Anant Jhingran is an IBM Fellow, VP and CTO for IBM's Information Management Division. He is deeply involved in the IBM's middleware in the cloud (including co-chairmanship of IBM's Cloud Computing Architecture Board), and for the technical strategy of products and solutions in databases, content management, business intelligence and information integration. Prior to this job, Dr. Jhingran lead the IBM team designing and building solutions to meet the requirements of business analytics on structured and unstructured data. He has also been the director of Computer Science at the IBM Almaden Research Center and before that, senior manager for e-Commerce and data management at IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center. He received his Ph.D. from UC at Berkeley in 1990. Anant has received several patents and awards for DB2, and is also a member of IBM Academy of Technology.

Anant Jhingran,
CTO, IBM Almaden Research Labs
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