Dry Herb Vapes: The Ultimate Smoking Replacement

Dry Herb Vapes: The Ultimate Smoking Replacement

As you can imagine every few years there are technological advances that completely change the face of how we interact with certain products. One sector where this has been extremely true is of course all interaction we have with smoking. It seems like only yesterday when people only smoked cigarettes and could smoke pretty much everywhere. But in only a short few years vapes completely overtook the market and changed the face of smoking completely. You might be wondering what is next for smokers. Still, the reality is that there is something new that is about to completely change the way smokers actually consume their daily nicotine intake or whatever they prefer to smoke. We are of course talking about dry herb vapes. Let’s take a deeper look at this technology and understand why it may be considered like the next big thing when it comes to smoking replacement technology.

So, what exactly is a dry herb vape? In the simplest of terms, it can be called an electronic pipe. The reality though is much different since you are not smoking like you would naturally but instead, you are consuming the vapors like you would within normal vape using liquid cartridges. You see one of the biggest benefits that comes from dryer vaping is that you are not consuming a lot of the toxic and dangerous chemicals that are usually present in cigarettes from the big companies. This way using a dry her vape you can not only use products that are natural and safer, but you can also use products that will allow you to eventually reduce your nicotine intake and potentially stop smoking if this is something you are interested in. It’s no big surprise that dryer vapes are the next step when it comes to using vaping as a way to cope with nicotine addiction and potentially stop smoking altogether. This seems like the normal analogical next step when it comes to vape development.

One other part of drier vaping that you might already be thinking about is that if you can vape with herbs, it means that you can consume other things than tobacco. One such thing is of course cannabis. As we see legislation around cannabis products become laxer all around the world and as we see the possibilities of using cannabis as the medical plant become more and more of a reality the invention of tools that allow an easy intake of these products is a positive. It’s important to remember that in many countries cannabis is still very much illegal to purchase unless you have a prescription for it. So, if you suffer from a grave illness like cancer or after dealing with chronic pain every day of your life you might be able to get a medical cannabis card. If you live in one of the many American states where it is legal or in Canada, you might be able to simply purchase what you need from a dispensary. Only time will tell if cannabis becomes more available in other parts of the world as it has in the Western world.

As you can see there are many positive things about drier vapes but there is a massive downside that can potentially disappear in the next few years but for now, it is very much present. The biggest downside when it comes to purchasing a dry herb vape is of course the upfront cost. Not only because it is a newer technology but also because it uses things that aren’t as disposable as usual vape cartridges. If you are somebody who already uses a vape you might be accustomed to the somewhat pricey price tag of many of those products, but the reality is that like those products before the price has gone down as the year went by. Like any other technology, the first iteration is always the most expensive as there is less competition in the market. Still, if you are somebody who vapes daily you might want to look into it and consider it an investment for the future. It is an investment since while the vape itself costs more you don’t have to buy expensive cartridges to feed it.

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