Why Modern Warfare Is Still The Best COD Entry

Why Modern Warfare Is Still The Best COD Entry

When we talk about a video game franchise with an incredible legacy there are a few names that come to mind. Some would talk about video games from Nintendo like Mario and Metroid while others would mention Assassin’s Creed or Ratchet and Clank. The franchise we are talking about today of course is another one that has both lived as the beloved franchise and through a fair bit of infamy. We are of course talking about Call of Duty. From Activision to Treyark the reality is that whether you love Call of Duty or not it is still one of the biggest franchises in the video game industry of all time. But for many gamers, one of the installments lives as the best one and remains at the top since its release. We are of course talking about the very first Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Before we can even discuss the game itself it is important to put it into context historically to understand why it had such a massive impact. So you have to put yourself in the decade before the 2010s. The current generation of consoles is of course the Xbox the PlayStation 2 and of course the Nintendo GameCube. Back then when we were talking about the big two first-person shooters we were talking of course about the Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. One of the party clarity of both of these franchise bag Dan is that most of the games were set in World War 2. This is why we had multiple games depicting D-Day as well as the American campaign through France following. We also saw some installments in the Pacific campaign of World War 2 but the reality is that there wasn’t much in terms of diversity when it came to both of those franchises.

Now Fast forward a few years and we are now in a new generation of consoles. It’s been 2 years since the Xbox 360 was released and two years since the PlayStation 3 was released as well. We are now in 2007 and a new Call of Duty game is coming out. We are of course talking about Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. This game was not only the 1st we have a truly modern setting in the fact that it had modern weapons and any modern conflict but it was also the very first to understand the importance of online multiplayer and progression. This meant that you not only added a full Call of Duty single-player experience like the older games but you also had one if not the most beloved multiplayer experience in any FPS ever. To many people, the quality of this multiplayer experience was even better than that of any installment of the Halo franchise which tells you a lot about how much people love this installment of the Call of Duty franchise.

And it was also released on the Windows PC which meant that the sky was the limit when it came to modding the game and being able to aim precisely with a mouse and keyboard. But that much can be said about any other FPS that was on PC one of the reasons why this game was so beloved was because of its campaign. This campaign unlike many of the other ones in the other games was mostly fictional and inspired by the conflict in the Middle East. Pitting some familiar faces against the Soviet forces you would have to follow Soap and Captain Price as they sneak through a battlefield fight their way through a snowy mountain or crawl through a maze of homes in a fictional Middle East.

For many people, this game came out at the right time to be the father of all FPS in the future. One of the most important things when we talk about multi-players too is balance and this is one of the Call of Duty games that many people agree adds one of the most balanced experiences possible online. While many veterans have a sour memory of the hacks for Modern Warfare the reality is of course that it had an unparalleled graphical fidelity and remains very much the DNA on which modern FPS is built. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that it remains one of the most beloved titles in the first-person shooter genre and probably will for a long time. Only time will tell if other Call of Duty titles will achieve this kind of longevity especially as their design choices have changed a lot.

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