10 Of The Best Gadgets For Your First Apartment

10 Of The Best Gadgets For Your First Apartment

Moving to your first apartment gives you one of the most amazing feelings in one’s lifetime. The feeling of knowing you can do whatever you want in your home. While living in your apartment is a wonderful experience, it comes with many responsibilities like decision-making and finances. We can help you with the decision-making aspect of deciding on the best gadgets for your apartment.

Picking out the right gadgets for your apartment may seem easy, but it is quite stressful, especially if you do not know what to get. Read on to learn about the 10 most suitable gadgets for your first apartment.

10 Important Gadgets for Your First Apartment

1 Sound System

You need music to keep you company for someone who will be alone in the apartment most of the time. You can get a vinyl record player, LCR Bluetooth speaker, or anything that produces good sounds.

2 Vacuum Cleaner

This is an important household gadget to have. Vacuuming your apartment now and then will help improve the air quality in your apartment, maintain good hygiene, prevent mold infestation, and many more benefits.

3 Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee lover, you need to get this gadget. You can always buy a cup of coffee, but getting a coffee maker is more cost-effective and economical. Another advantage of having a coffee maker is that you can make your coffee according to your taste.

4 Digital Alarm Clock

Living alone after living with family for a long time usually takes some getting used to. One of the best ways to stay on track is to get an alarm clock. Oversleeping is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone who stays alone. With the help of a digital alarm clock, you can wake up at a set time.

5 Smart TV

Of course, the list of the top gadgets for an apartment is complete with adding a TV to the list. You need a smart TV in your apartment to keep you occupied and enhance its look. However, you need to note that smart TVs are costly. You need renters insurance if you plan on purchasing any expensive gadget for your apartment. Finding good renters insurance is important, so be attentive and careful to avoid falling into the wrong hands.

6 An Instant Pot

An instant pot is a kitchen appliance that does the job of 7 appliances in one. You can make yoghurt, or cake, cook, make dessert, heat your food, boil rice, etc. with an instant pot. This device saves time, reduces stress, and, best of all, is affordable.

7 Energy-Efficient LED Bulbs

Your goal should be to save energy as much as possible. Renting an apartment comes with paying bills, and using energy-efficient LED bulbs will help you pay less electricity bills. The good thing about these bulbs is that they are cheap and easy to get.

8 Smart Thermostat

Every apartment needs a smart thermostat to help control its temperature. A smart thermostat learns from your behaviour and adjusts the temperature of a room based on the temperature changes you make. When you use a smart thermostat, the air conditioning, heating, and ventilation in your home will be controlled based on your preferences. The good news about smart thermostats is that they are portable, and the bad news is that they are quite expensive.

9 Tool Kits

Adding tool kits to this list is probably odd, but this is one item every apartment needs. Emergencies that require immediate attention may pop up at any time, hence the need for a tool kit. Rather than paying a handyman for little repairs, you can easily handle it with your tool kit.

10 Solar Kettle

A kettle is undoubtedly one of the most used kitchen items. Using a solar kettle rather than a regular one will help you save a lot of energy and money. Solar kettles are affordable and easy to get.


Some rented apartments come fully equipped with gadgets and other household equipment. You must check with your landlord to find out what you have and don’t have before getting gadgets for your new apartment. Also, remember to go for good renters insurance, especially if you have expensive gadgets in your apartment.

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