Why Minecraft is a Prime Example of How Tech can Inspire People

Why Minecraft is a Prime Example of How Tech can Inspire People

At all points of life, we are always looking for ways in which we can be inspired from random sources. There are many walks of life where we can gain random inspiration and when we get it, it can completely change our outlooks on life.

In recent years, tech has become a very important part of everyone’s lives. The world has gone almost completely digital, which means that everything that was once done manually can now be done via tech. The same can be said about inspiration as tech has been inspiring a generation for years now.

Many people think it is something for something material such as tech to be able to inspire people, but there are many examples of this simply not being the case. One of the best examples of this being the open-world game Minecraft. This game has been around for the best part of the last two decades and during this time it has inspired an entire generation of children and adults that have grown up playing this game. If you are someone that doesn’t have much experience with this game, then you may fail to see how the game could have inspired so many people. Here are just some of the many ways that Minecraft inspired an entire generation of people.


Reports show that in the last ten years there has been a drastic increase in people choosing to study architecture at a higher education level. Many people believe that Minecraft is partly responsible for this. One of the main features of the game is being able to use the material to build just about anything you want. In fact, there is a creative mode that is specifically dedicated to those who love the building aspect of the game and it gets rid of any of the limits that come with the original game mode, allowing the player to access any material to be able to build with.

If you have a quick look on google, you will be able to see many examples of what people have managed to make on the game and the creativity of a lot of people’s creations will really surprise you. Players have made whole towns with detailed buildings throughout which seem like they would be almost impossible to make.

Many people that spent time testing out their building ability on Minecraft were then inspired to test their skills in real life and venture into the world of architecture, where they could really see what their imagination could produce in real life. Many believe that Minecraft is actually to thank for some of the greatest architectural minds of the 21st century and as the features of the game continue to improve, we believe that there will only be more people inspired to pursue a career in the world of architecture.


As well as inspiring a generation of architects, it is also believed that Minecraft inspired a generation of computer programmers. Though computing isn’t one of the main aspects of the game when you play and own online Minecraft servers there can be some programming involved in order to successfully run a Minecraft server unless you just connect to a server that is available on the Minecraft server list. For those of us that wanted to host private servers for our friends, we were forced to pick up some programming knowledge from quite a young age.

For some people picked up some programming knowledge, developed an interest in the world of programming, and decided to further develop their knowledge through their own research and pursuit of further education. Without Minecraft being a part of everyone’s life, we may not have the programmers that we have today which means we may not have some of the games that we love and we may not have some of the applications that we all depend on every day.

Animal Lovers

Something that is not very commonly known about Minecraft is that it has a vast list of animals that you can find in the game. Though the game can not be one hundred percent accurate all of the time, the game does try to stick to some accuracies about the animals that they have within the game.

The best examples of where they try to stay accurate are through the biomes that you can find the animals in and what the animals in the game eat. In recent years, they have become more specific with the features that the animals have. When they introduced bees into the game, they added the feature that when you injure the bees they will fight back and hurt your character. This was done in order to teach people how to properly interact with insects in real life and this is actually very valuable information.

They more recently added axolotls to the game and they became one of the most accurate depictions of the animals yet and they can only be very rarely found and within dark bodies of water, which is true to real life as axolotls can only be found in the wild in one specific lake in Mexico.

The introduction of animals to the game inspired a lot of people to further their knowledge of animals and many Minecraft users have actually gone into animal-based careers and have searched for ways to help look after some animals that are going extinct.

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